How Giving And Volunteering Benefits You

Even when it comes to philanthropy and giving, people like to know what’s in it for them when an opportunity is presented to them. And whether you are a seasoned philanthropist or first-time volunteer, there are a lot of potential benefits for getting involved.


Community Service And Volunteering Is Healthy

Both your physical and mental health will likely improve as a volunteer. Studies have shown volunteering results in stronger immune systems, especially in adults. After 100 hours of community service you maximize the health benefits. In addition to stronger immune systems, Volunteers lead longer lives with lower depression rates and heart disease than non-volunteers.

Several surveys have been done as well that show view their work as highly fulfilling. According to the surveys this results in less stress and a higher amount of self-confidence, happiness, optimism and joy. Many volunteers find it cathartic to stop worrying about themselves and focus on helping others.

Surround Yourself With Interesting People

You’ll never meet a more diverse group of people that are also so friendly. And you are all working together to achieve a common goal. By helping each other and sharing your time and personality you grow a unique bond.

Build A Better Place To Live

If you are volunteering or giving back to your community you are creating a better environment for your friends and family. Everything that is done by volunteers or with help from philanthropists saves money for other projects by the city.

Get Valuable Work Experience

Often colleges and employers aren’t looking for the smartest student, but rather the most well rounded. Volunteering shows you are interested in things beyond yourself. Moreover, there are likely volunteer opportunities in your specialty. This is equally important for philanthropists looking to make networking connections.