Eyal Yechezkell

Eyal Yechezkell, PhilanthropyAmong his many professional and personal passions, Eyal Yechezkell is an avid philanthropist and supporter of various causes.

Israeli American Council

Most recently, Eyal Yechezkell joined the Israeli American Council (IAC) of New Jersey. The Israeli American Council (IAC) is a national organization that exists to support the large community of Israeli families in the United States. The mission of the IAC is to build an active and giving Israeli-American Community throughout the United States in order to strengthen the State of Israel, the next generation, and to provide a bridge to the Jewish-American community.  Through donations from families and organizations, the charity donates their proceeds to a variety of programs for kids, schools, temples and synagogues, and various Israeli-American events. The IAC’s goal is to further the cause of Israeli Americans in the United States, and to preserve and further a community in the U.S. that ties back to Israel.

The Israeli American Council began in Los Angeles and has been around for many years. After expanding to many of the biggest cities around the U.S., the Israeli American Council is now expanding the charity to some important secondary cities and states with the help of men like Eyal Yechezkell who is helping to bring the charity to New Jersey through its final stages of formation.

Global Jewish Assistance and Relief Network

Among many other charities and organizations, Eyal Yechezkell is a supporter of the Global Jewish Assistance and Relief Network. The Global Jewish Association and Relief Network (GJARN) provides an anonymous food card for families in Israel who are unable to buy food. Instead of a handout, families are given a card, like a credit card, which families can use to buy food at participating supermarkets in Israel. Currently, Eyal Yechezkell focuses on sponsoring single mothers with kids in his wife’s hometown of Herzliya, Israel.

Larger Than Life

Closer to home, Eyal Yechezkell supports an organization called Larger Than Life. Larger Than Life is an Israeli non-profit organization that pools donations with the aim to improve the quality life and the welfare of children and youth with cancer and their families in Israel regardless of faith, race or gender.

Eyal and his wife support Larger Than Life USA, which brings Israeli families and their children from Israel to the United States to receive the best care available. Along with a group of dedicated volunteers in New York and New Jersey, Eyal and his wife provide families with help in hospitals, hospitality in their home while receiving treatment, translation, and toys for the children during their stay in the United States.